The Journey So Far…

Aaron Black
2 min readNov 14, 2020

This has been a long journey to get to this point. I started learning how to code in 2005 when I started a skateboard manufacturing company. I needed a place to sell my product and merchandise online, so I taught myself how to make a website with HTML and inline CSS. It served its purpose but it was more along the line of the Space Jam website with a bit more functionality. Then a few years later I started an adventure travel company in Costa Rica and created a site where my clients could book tours and vacation packages through our website. I taught myself Dreamweaver at this point to make that happen.

I have always learned about web development out of necessity until the past few years. I enjoy programming. It gives me a platform to blend the learning of language with creating something out of nothing, both of which I enjoy immensely. I have been teaching myself to code, building websites, small apps, games, etc., just to see what is the most enjoyable outlet for me in the industry.

There was a point in life shortly after 9/11, living in Manhattan at the time, when I realized that life is too short to not do what makes you happy. As difficult and frustrating it is at time, programming really makes me happy. That moment when everything in your code just clicks, it all works the way you intended and there are no bugs to be seen, there is a brief moment of elation and satisfaction that cant be beat.

So, here I am, finally doing something with programming that I have enjoyed the most: Video Game Development. Its awesome, I really enjoy creating a completely different world that I can manipulate how I want. I am nearing the end of building my first game on the Unity platform and I cant wait to learn and do so much more. I am getting into the most difficult parts so far and my brain really hurts, but I absolutely love it. I cant wait to see what the future brings. This is the path I want to continue on. This is the Journey that I am hoping to turn into my Epic tale that I can tell my daughter about when she is playing my games or immersed in the virtual world I created.