The fire has been lit

Aaron Black
2 min readDec 19, 2020

This is it, my final day with GameDevHQ. It has been quite a journey the past six weeks. I started off not knowing a thing about C# and Unity, I ended with feeling confident in my skills as a developer with C# and very comfortable navigating the Unity game engine. I know at this point, I can create anything I can dream up. If I don’t know how to do it, I know where to find the documentation and will fully understand how to implement it into my project.

This past few weeks has put the fire in me to do something amazing with what I have learned here along with what I already know as a developer. I have seen what opportunities there are for someone with experience in Unity accompanied with C#, Javascript, HTML, and CSS. With those combined with the endless libraries offered nothing is out of reach, no project is impossible.

I have spent the day polishing up the games I made, redoing my portfolio website to reflect the experience I have now, redoing my resume, and creating a new site for the company I incorporated: Blackverse Productions. I am going to use this site to showcase all of my projects big and small so I don’t overrun my portfolio site with everything. I will have all of the games I have made imbedded there as well. I will just put my best work on the portfolio site with a link to to see my full body of work. I will also use this site for my freelancing work. I will pick up freelancing again after the new year if I can’t find a full time salaried job in web development.

It was a sad day to leave all of my m8s at GameDevHQ but I am grateful for the amazing experience I had. I have seen so many people become amazing software engineers, with no previous experience in alot of the cases, in just a few weeks. What GameDevHQ does is invaluable and I hope it continues pushing people to be amazing software engineers into the future. The world needs more programs like this to help people realize that nothing is out of reach as long as you are willing to dedicate yourself and work hard for it. Thank you GameDevHQ for changing my life for the better. You have lit the fire in me and I’m going to run with it.