Thats a wrap…kind of

Aaron Black
2 min readNov 28, 2020

So, I finished with the cutscene portion of The Great Fleece. Im on to writing code for the player and creating the AI for the enemy guards. This is where I will start putting all I learned before to what I have been learning with my cutscenes. I will be writing code to trigger all of the cutscenes that I have made so far. Up to this point, it wasnt an easy road. Not because of the project really, but because of my computer.

I dealt with so many crashes due to my computers gpu not being able to handle the 3D graphics that this project is using so it kept giving up on me multiple times a day. This set me back so much, I lost alot of time to these crashes. So today, Black Friday, I decided to head to Costco and get a gaming PC that had a good enough gpu to handle what I want to do in game development. At least for now. If all goes well, I will most likely build my own once I learn more about PCs. This is my first PC I have owned, I have always been a Mac guy. I have always enjoyed the interface on Macs and the fact that they connect to all the Mac products I have. I have been coding on my Mac for a while and running design programs like Figma and Illustrator on it without an issue. It wasnt until I encountered Unity, I started having issues and seeing the negatives of using a Mac, at least the one I have, for game development.

Now, with the new PC and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB graphics card, Im smooth sailing. I also upgraded from the mac processor I had with a 2.2gigahertz speed to a 2.9gigahertz and an Intel 10th gen Core i7 processor. All in all, a much more powerful computer with tons more storage on it than my Macbook pro.

So, with coffee in hand this evening, I am trying to make up lost time working on The Great Fleece. I feel I have been making good progress since I plugged in this PC. I look forward to see what limits I can push with it and where it will help bring me to in my career.