Progress feels good

Aaron Black
2 min readNov 6, 2020

It feels good to make progress. After tripping up on an issue this morning and taking much too long to figure it out, I made some progress on my game. It is looking and feeling like a proper game. It has music, explosions, laser sounds and more. My wife sat down with me to check it out and it took me a while to get her off of it so I could get back to work. It’s a simple game but actually kind of fun to play.


It’s not the game people will be rushing to buy but it is something I am proud to be making and have the understanding on how it was made.

As far as my issue this morning and a good portion of last night, it all came down to a misspelling. Of course. There was an underscore I left out and it caused a portion of the game to stop working. As simple as it was, it was still great to comb through the code and Unity to try and find the problem. It always helps to understand how the code communicates and this is one way to wrap your head around it.

I made some great progress after that and became more comfortable with using Unity and C#. For the challenges we have, I always attempt them on my own, I found today that I figured out multiple ways to complete some challenges that were different than instructed. This is what I like about programming. It really is a language like any other with multiple ways to communicate the same outcome. Today felt like a day where I expanded my knowledge and my language skills. I look forward to learning more and pushing ahead.