One Step Forward…..

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Two, sometimes three steps back. Then five steps ahead again. At times Unity seems a little glitchy, it could also be my sausage fingers smashing the keyboard. I have lost my background a few times for no reason and have to turn it back into a sprite from a png to set up as my background again. I had the game working fine before I walked away from my computer, when I came back my player would not disappear and the enemies kept re-spawning. My key to reset was not responding either.

I did not make as much progress as I wanted today, but I did learn alot. I learned alot more about using GetComponent and how useful it is to communicate between scripts. This is the thing about programming for me, there are days when I just get it and things are going smoothly, then there is the rest of the week where quite a few hard lessons are learned. These are where eventually I will learn and be a better programmer. There is always something to learn in a mistake, especially after the 3rd or 4th time you make it. The best I can do is keep plugging away. Im excited to see what the future will bring and where I stand 6 weeks from now. The journey continues…