Mobile Gaming

Aaron Black
3 min readDec 9, 2020


I am moving a bit slower today through the 2D Mobile Game because I took a bit of a break this morning to brush up on my coding skills. Every once in a while I will tackle a couple of challenges on Filebase in order to keep my brain thinking like a programmer, especially when I’m working on design aspects. It helps me train my brain to slow down and tackle one problem at a time. I find that it has helped me when developing the games I have been working on. There has been a few tough issues that were not very clear to me and when I stopped and combed through them one step at a time I usually figured it out.

For the rest of the day I worked on the 2D Mobile Game though. A good portion was learning all of the different design features that can be used to make an awesome scene. I created some animated waterfalls by setting up an animated sprite. I put the waterfalls in the caverns I put in, some inside of them, some coming off of the cliff. One of them was there for the player to jump through and over spikes. Again, another layer of Unity that is showing me that it is truly endless what can be created. Its like an empty canvas with the whole entire art store and art professors at your fingertips.

The image above is the new game I am working on. I can’t take credit for the design on this one though. I do however really like the design. This is a 2D game but the background can have so much depth that the scene is almost 3D. It is a great design and given what I know, with tons of time of course, I feel I would be capable to build something similar.

So, I would definitely need alot of time though….

This is a pretty cool level and I am excited to develop the enemies, their AI systems and also the Player’s movements. It looks like there will be a flaming sword at some point! Over the past month my excitement has only grown and so has my drive to be able to learn as much as I can about what I am doing. I can see some real world applications for the skills I am gaining aside from just developing games, which by itself is pretty awesome. Developing in VR and AR for training purposes I think would be a great application for Unity. This way not only the company putting the training out can save money on payroll but they can also take the human factor out and make sure the entire company is uniformly trained. I can see this being very beneficial in the auto industry, factories, even in the medical field.

So much opportunity comes with the knowledge I am gaining right now, I look forward to see what comes next…