Less is more

Aaron Black
2 min readNov 11, 2020

I always find that the more complicated the code I put in to make something work, the less likely it is to work. When I finally simplify the code down a bit, the functionality of what I am working on is much more seamless and has less option for failure. Today I figured out how to make the shield strength work, got the ammo count and the ammo power up working properly, the health collectable with all of the UI and effects needed to represent it. Now I am working on figuring out a homing missile, thruster scaling bar and camera shake on player damage.

I am starting to get alot more comfortable with writing C# and using the Unity platform. I feel I am a long ways away from where the teammates that started a week before me are at right now but Im working my way there. It is pretty amazing to see where I was a little over a week ago and where Im at now. I really feel Im starting to get the hang of this, at least for today. Im sure tomorrow will be a totally different story.

As you can see from above, I havent quite figured out what I will do for my extra power ups. I decided just to flip the current ones I have upside down for now so I can differentiate until I figure it out. For now it serves its purpose. Im trying to keep the UI as clean and uncluttered as possible as I know there are much more different types of enemies and bosses in my future. I dont want to overcrowd the screen.

Im excited to see what tomorrow brings, will I keep on this roll of actually getting things done or will I just stare at the screen getting crosseyed reading through code? Hopefully its the former, I am really enjoying this and it is much more enjoyable when I can make the game work the way I want.