Once again, I’m staying up late because I can’t get enough of this. I keep running into problems then have a stretch where I just get it. I don’t want to quit until I figure out the problem, but when I do figure it out finally I want to push ahead in this journey as far as I can. Then I hit another snag, the cycle begins again. It is now 11pm and I have to tell myself to quit and come back in the morning with lots of coffee.

I covered some ground today, ran into problems because of overthinking once again, but I learned more about how Coroutines work and where they aren’t the best to use. I now have a deeper understanding on when and where to use them. They are limited in function but very useful when needed.

At this point, I have impressed my 5 year old and I get an “I’m proud of you!” from my wife. I’ll take it! I know what I have done so far is no where near Assassins Creed levels but Im taking the first steps in that direction.

Day 3

I’ve got my shields up, the power up’s working, and all the collisions working as they should be. There are a few bugs still to work out but I have moved on to the UI and will come back to them. I’ll wait until the team is up in the morning and work with the hive mind of aspiring developers that started a week before me and have probably run into the issues I’m having.

Until then, Im sure I will think of what I need while I’m sleeping. It always comes at 3am, but I’ll probably just fall back asleep and forget as usual. It was probably just a missing semicolon anyways…