Im my own worst enemy

Aaron Black
2 min readDec 4, 2020

So, this has been a common theme of mine and Im sure alot of people that are learning to code. I start making progress, feeling like I am really absorbing alot of information and actually understanding the language. Then I get stuck. I cant figure out the one small thing that is causing my program not to work. I comb over the code, put Debug.Log(“”) anywhere I think there is an issue and I just cant find the issue. I take to google of course, it seems nobody has had the same issue I have. Most likely Im just searching with the wrong query.

Since nothing is working and frustration is setting in, I move on to the next problem. Maybe some time away from this one will bring me clarity on it? Alot of times it does and I come right back and make things work perfectly. This time, its not the case.

I am having an issue snapping my character to exactly where I want on the platform for grabbing the ledge. I am trying to get away from what we did in the videos by setting the players position with a Vector3 that we set in the inspector. Since I will have more platforms to grab, I wanted to make it more modular so I did not have to do the tedious job of finding the perfect position and plugging in Vector3s every time I had a platform to climb.

I have created the animation for the idle jump, have got the elevator to move, and the moving platform I was working on when I made the mistake of deleting the platform prefab in the hierarchy. Big mistake. Although I had multiple platforms on there, I thought I was only deleting one of their properties to make it an empty game object for the moving platform position. So, it turns out, it erased every single platform of the type in the entire project. This is when I called it a day. No more problem solving until tomorrow. Obviously I am my own worst enemy and will sabotage myself, especially when Im tired. Im sure I will think of a solution in the middle of the night as I do often while Im lying there not sleeping, thinking on how I could have made something better in my game or fix an issue I am dwelling on. Until then..