Here I go!

Aaron Black
2 min readOct 31, 2020


This is Day 1 of my journey to help launch me into the career I have been dreaming of: Game Developer. I have been dabbling in coding for years, getting more serious about it for the past couple of years. I decided a couple of years ago that I wanted to be a Software Engineer because I love learning language, enjoy working out problems, and especially enjoy creating anything from scratch weather its a building, a meal, or a website or app. I am self taught in HTML, CSS, and Javascript and had the goal of using these as my foundation as well as my inspiration for what I wanted to move my coding career towards. I have built websites, small apps, simple games, and have contributed to some larger projects as well. I have been building my skillset getting well versed in the tools, frameworks, and libraries that were useful in the projects I have worked on. All of this and I have a BA in Spanish. Not exactly the best major to stand out to companies looking for software engineers. So, this is what brings me to this point and to this opportunity.

I have been a gamer since the days of Qbert, Pong, and Centipede when the most advanced controller was a stick and a single red button. Even as I began learning coding the gaming industry seemed out of reach. Looking at the games that are on the market today, they seem so complex and difficult to create. They are. With so many moving parts, logic, graphics, etc., it could take months to years to develop a decent game.

What I have learned over the years on my journey, it all starts with one step. One line of code. One moving part. Each step you take you get closer to your goal. This is my first step into my new journey as a Game Developer:

Day .5

This makes Pong look like COD, but it’s my first step onto this new platform. I have been working with this for only a few hours, with weeks of intense work ahead of me. Im excited and driven to make this the start of an amazing journey. I look forward to making mistakes, learning new concepts, creating fun games, and sharing this journey every step of the way.