Getting Ready

Aaron Black
2 min readDec 18, 2020

As of now, I’m assuming that my last day wit GameDevHQ is tomorrow. I hope to hear otherwise, but I’m planning on the worst case scenario, which is I no longer will be employed. I am hustling this week though trying to make me ready for applying for developer jobs again, this time with Unity, C# and a few games under my belt. I have published on the Play Store and am working today on getting my mobile game on the Apple store as well.

I did, however, spend most of the day working on my website, building another for my blogs and my games. I incorporated my LLC yesterday, bought a domain name for it so I can focus on freelance work while attempting to get a job in the game, or XR industries. I know there is so much more for me to learn but with the skills I have now, I can land a Jr Developer job at one of these companies. All I have to do is keep applying and make my sites and my resume shine.

I am a bit bummed to have this program come to an end for me, at least monetarily. I have to focus my energy now on getting a job instead of just gaining knowledge and experience for the entirety of the day. I was nice being able to focus all of my attention to growing my skillset as a developer instead of worrying where the next paycheck was coming from, applying for jobs, and going on interviews. I still will have access to all of the information and courses through GameDevHQ though and will use them and learn from them as much as I can.

As always, I am dedicated to bettering myself and what I can do. I absolutely love creating with programming and design and am just getting started. My goal is to get into the XR world and see what I can create with that.