Feelin’ It Today

Aaron Black
2 min readNov 10, 2020
I am the Dog today

Nearing the end of the Space Shooter 2D game…kind of. Now it’s time for the really difficult stuff, or so it seems. I tend to overthink what is put into something like this, so for sure I am wasting time on writing code that could be alot simpler and work better. I guess thats how you learn how to write better code, trial and error after error. I am working on the shield strength and have not quite got it yet. Im close, then onto the next part of the framework.

There are days I feel I am cruising along and nothing can stop me, then there are those days where I cant decide if using a for loop or an if/else statement is better or even if either of those would work at all. I find when I start to feel like that its time to step away for a little and come back to it later. Sometimes, the solution will come to you in your sleep or while you are making dinner.

Today was a bit productive though. With the help of one of my team members I finally was able to get my project on github. I feel better to be able to have the option for version control, especially as it comes towards this stage in the program. I will be making some big mistakes, i’m sure, and I don’t have a video to go back and double check my work. I also found this great meme (see top of article) that pretty much sums up my experience with programming in general, but especially while learning this new platform and coding language. So, there is that.

Tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully a productive one. Time to get some rest and take a fresh crack at it in the morning.