Aaron Black
2 min readNov 24, 2020

Today I worked on my first cutscene in the game The Great Fleece. It was a difficult day mainly because of my computer constantly crashing and losing some of my progress. I have learned thankfully not to get too far ahead of myself without saving my progress so, luckily, I did not lose much but time. Unity kept giving me problems and not letting me record but I have a good m8 that helped me out with that. He just finished his version of this game and he came upon similar issues.

Apparently, you have to switch between the default layout and the cinematography layout that I created for making this game in order for Unity to be tricked back into allowing to record. Before I was helped out with that, the record button would not be pressed and it was a bit greyed out not being able to be used. Although I had to do this a few times while making this first cutscene, I was able to finish it up and it is looking good now.

Aside from the crashes and the glitches in Unity, I enjoyed putting this together. One of the main reasons I got into programming is the creativity behind it and the opportunity to develop something unique and beautiful. This is just another way to put that creativity to use. It is not writing code, but Im sure that will integrate with this soon enough. It is one of the things I do like about working with Unity though. It is not just writing code, it is not just a plug and play type of environment, it is a little of both and then some. I love working in the editor with the different tools that it has to use and I love seeing the code integrate with it to accomplish pretty much anything from what I can tell.

I look forward, as usual, to see what tomorrow will bring. I know I will be diving into some code writing and creating AI for some of the Security guards in the game eventually. But it looks like over the next day or two it will be working on cutscenes, which is ok with me.