Climb complete, now Frameworks…

Aaron Black
2 min readDec 3, 2020

This happened to me before. I gained lots of confidence during the video tutorials because I was completing the challenges without any help of the challenge reviews for the most part. I get to the Frameworks part and am thrown into something I never imagined I could accomplish. With the space shooter game, it was pretty tough. The frameworks were challenging then the core programming was even more so.

Today, I got a little tripped up with a malfunction in Unity. I had Unity shut down a couple of times on me for no reason. I was not playing the game editor, or even using it at all. The couple of times it happened Unity was just sitting idle.

At one point today, I lost about half of the work I did because of a glitch in Unity. Im not sure how it happened but one minute I was on the last part of the video section where my character stands up, all of the code was in place and I went to press play and realized a majority of my animations tree with the triggers and bool checks were completely gone. I have no clue what happened or how it could have happened. I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to figure out what happened to them and after a short time, rebuilt it. This time I decided to not go back to the videos and do it on my own.

I figured this was the best way to turn a bad situation into a great learning experience. It helped me get more in depth with the animator, my animations, and my code. Luckily after combing over the code I had in place, placing Debug.Log() in multiple places, and trying out different things on the animator, I finally figured out how to make it work. It was a huge relief, but also a great sense of accomplishment. I felt that what I have learned so far actually sunk in and I can use it without handholding.

Tomorrow, I continue on with the Frameworks. I am going to make a ladder system, an idle jump and roll animations, create a collectable, and make an elevator lift. I look forward to trying some new techniques and inputting some new animations.