Aaron Black
2 min readNov 20, 2020

So, just like that, Im on to the next challenge. I am having such a great time working with Unity and with GameDevHQ. There is an amazing community here that thrives on collaboration and support. I have never worked with such a great group of people that were so willing to take time out of their busy day and all of their struggles to help those in need if they can. It says alot about a group that can have this kind of dynamic, especially in the software development field. Many of the people I am working with have never had any coding experience but they are grasping the concepts of coding and learning so much quicker and thorough than I have in a couple of years of self teaching coding through online tutorials and collaboration with other programmers. The GameDevHQ platform is unique in that it teaches people how to think like a programmer, not just teach them how to program. Such an invaluable skill to learn, even for people with experience.

I am proud of the Space Shooter game I made and finalized earlier today. It all works the way I want it to and is actually pretty difficult to get to the boss battle. Here is a screenshot of the final product:

I am starting The Great Fleece, a game we are creating in Unity for the stealth game & cinematography course. I just started working with it today and cant wait to see where it takes me. I decided though that I would like more challenges before I fully dive into it. I have started to run through a couple of the challenges this evening on Filebase from GameDevHQ. They are challenges to practice skills I have learned and develop new ones when confronting problems I havent seen yet. This, I feel, is a great way to become a better programmer. Lots of practice, writing tons of code, and making and endless amount of mistakes.