Aaron Black
2 min readNov 12, 2020

Coming down the final stretch of my first project making the Space shooter game. I will be starting on the last section tomorrow. I have learned alot in the last couple of days, lots of Googling, and some graphic design thrown in there as well. I created a Blaster, at least thats what I call it. It is a secondary firing mechanism from my spaceship that pretty much clears the entire screen of enemies. It is a rare powerup and the fire rate is limited on it. I was looking for some kind of 2D art that I could use for this and didnt find much I liked, so I created my own. I think it came out pretty good:


The only thing left I have on this section is figuring out how to get the slider to work with the thruster burn. I will be saving that for the morning. Some difficulties that I had today were getting the camera shake working but luckily for google I figured it out. I am always a little reluctant to start a new script from my days of using CSS and JavaScript, it is a habit Im trying to break out of. Sometimes breaking the functionality of the game down by using different scripts and attaching them to specific game objects or Scene elements is the best and cleanest way to accomplish what is needed. I have been breaking some old habits and creating some new ones during this journey. I am getting really used to using the Unity editor and Visual Studio together to accomplish what I need to do.

Tomorrow I start on the really difficult stuff if looks like. Im trying to beat the deadline and hope I can make it, Ive got 2 days…….